Merced Municipal Airport

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Regulations and Standards

The Airport is governed by Federal Aviation Administration as well as locally adopted rules and regulations and minimum standards.

Rules and Regulations
The Airport Rules and Regulations are maintained in the Merced Municipal Code. The rules and regulations adopted govern conduct on and at the Merced Regional Airport. To Access the Airport Rules and Regulations please go to the section Title 2, Chapter 2.32 of the Municipal Code.

Drivers Training Program
The Merced Regional Airport offers a Drivers Training Program. For more information, please click here.

Merced Airport Drivers Training Program (27.7 KB)

Minimum Standards for Commercial Operators The Minimum Standards for Commercial Operators are by adopted by resolution of the Merced City Council, and set the minimum standards to be met by anyone running a business at the Airport. Please click here for City Council Resolution No. 2004-52.

Minimum Standards Resolution #2004-52 (1.9 MB)


Merced Regional Airport/Macready Field